Oma Mahmud Is A Sturdy Voice Of Defiance On ‘Now!!!’

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Oma Mahmud is currently one of the very few artists in Nigeria’s new school of artists that work soft rock-leaning instrumentals in his favor. The combination of his mastery of the rock and Afrobeat hybrid, an unconventional mix sure to spark reactions in his listeners, and his affinity for social commentary has made him an artist with music to anticipate. As he shares Now!!!, this month, the atmosphere clouding its release, is just as thick as the feelings that inspire the single.

Like every youth who has come out to challenge societal norms in recent times, Oma Mahmud’s voice of defiance is unwavering and booming in line with the reverberating acoustics that gives life to his heartfelt monologue.

Now!!! is an introspective cut complete with the makings of a trigger and wielding his guitar and strong bass as weapons, Mahmud goes straight for the jugular.