Omah Lay Is In His Element In Artsy Video For ‘Damn’

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Omah Lay’s unique spin on Afrofusion has continued to serve as the leverage he needs to elevate himself and stay relevant in an industry teeming with similar talent. His five-track debut EP Get Layd was enough proof of his passion and strengths but somehow his reduced appearance in public has put a damper on his outlook which in recent times, he has sought to change. He continues down this path this week coupled with a need to keep the project relevant with the video for Damn, one of its standouts.

The Dammy Twitch directed video is just as dramatic as his lyrics which people have come to love. It opens with a shot of Omah Lay and a woman against the backdrop of a burning building which summarily spells out the impending doom Omah Lay mesmerically says his relationship with his lover will bring about.

The video sees him make his way through every environment that enables his bad behaviors while his muse is cast in ethereal lights, juxtaposing the vast difference between both of them which Omah Lay articulates perfectly.

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