On The Couch Continues With Eunice Atuejide, Falz and Laila

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On The Couch has become the go-to show for Nigeria’s youth on aspiring presidential candidates in the 2019 General Elections. Featuring Fela Durotoye, Olasubomi Okeowo, Donald Duke in its first three episodes, there have always been moments from the show circulating social media. With the fourth episode, its on brand yet again as Eunice Atuejide shares a seat with Falz and Laila.

Atuejide had been in conversation on social media in recent weeks for a rant about not being a feminist and considering her place as a woman, it concerned many including Laila and Falz who bring it up in the episode. Regardless of school of thought on feminism, most will agree it was an impressive showing, some even suggesting it’s been the best yet since the series launched, Atuejide speaks on everything from her stance on state policing to her take on homosexuality and her approach to growing the Nigerian economy.

Kingsley Moghalu up next.


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