On Your Own: The Best “Solo” Jobs

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We all want to take ownership of our careers. But sometimes we can feel that if we want to progress in a certain direction that we’ve got to be part of a team and we’ve got to learn the fine art of communication. But it’s not easy when you are an introvert to learn these skills. Sometimes, we have to find a career that encourages autonomy and ownership but is also something that requires us to work on our own. Many job specifications talk about people that can thrive on their own initiative but having to report to someone or suffer micromanaging at the end of the day. So if you are in a quandary as to what careers would suit you, check out some of these.


Any driving job is the perfect way for you to work by yourself. From the numerous delivery driver jobs out there for freelancers, all the way through to train driving, working in transportation is the perfect way for you to work by yourself. But you have to be aware that when you are undergoing this type of job, it requires a sheer amount of focus. Train drivers and truck drivers are on the rails or the road for an extended period of time. Concentration is an essential skill in this arena.


For individuals looking to be an expert in a certain field, consulting is the ideal career choice. Regardless of the industry, from marketing to sales, consultants are the individuals in charge of their own career path. You can be a freelance consultant that works with companies to guide them in a certain direction, or you can work within a company framework and be a management consultant or an operations consultant. It’s a combination of being autonomous, but also working to guide a big organization in the right direction.

Information Technology and Computing

For many people, this is the very definition of a lone worker. It doesn’t require much human interaction, and this is a big draw for introverts looking for the right career choice. It’s something that requires a lot of concentration and effort but is also thoroughly rewarding. One of the most attractive characteristics of this job is autonomy. For the most part, you are on your own, and there is nobody looking over your shoulder.

Research and Development

The scientific sector is a very lucrative one. And whether it’s in the lab, on a computer, or out in the field, scientists will spend a lot of time working by themselves. There is some interaction with other scientists, but contact is minimal. The great thing about this job is that whether you are a research scientist or a lab assistant, the research is always interesting and it feels like you are working for a higher purpose.

For individuals looking to work by themselves, there are a wide variety of options out there. The best place to begin for so many of us is to look at freelance job boards. But if you are someone who is desperate to work by yourself, you aren’t short of options.


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