Oxlade is aiming for greatness with ‘Legend’

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Last month, Oxlade made a creditable appearance on DJ Tunez’s Causing Trouble and with the single still gaining traction, he takes advantage of its warm reception to tell his story and channel positivity into his future on an inspirational track titled Legend.

Tell all style, Oxlade begins the drums and synthesized piano led track with a birds eye view of his beginnings after which he delves straight to reflecting his desire for greatness. He seals the deal to create an emotional ambiance with an emotive video shot by Nayaeffectz.

Emotional moving and mood inducing, Legend is more than Oxlade’s story, it’s a relatable narrative that will have you questioning the status quo in your life. Oxlade is clearly on the right path to fame and if he keeps pace, he’s likely to make it there sooner than we all think.