Oxlade Makes A Riveting Comeback On DJ Coublon Produced ‘Ojuju’

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Following the release of his debut EP, Oxygene, Oxlade, famous for his captivating modulations and especially, mesmeric vocals, became something like an industry staple being the go-to for features he owns as much as the actual owners of these songs. It’s been a while since he has stepped out solo, but this month as musicians converge to make the most of the summer months, he bubbles to the surface, by himself on Ojuju, a DJ Coublon produced single that prefaces his soon-to-be-released four-track EP, Eclipse.

As expected, Oxlade leverages the gripping nature of his sweeping voice on the comeback single. With the masterful inclusion of harmony in its immersive chorus, Ojuju endures as a captivating love song with a twist that speaks to evolution in Oxlade’s repertoire of love songs.

Having established his brand as an adept storyteller, Ojuju not only reminds of Oxlade’s prowess and penchant for music with meaning, but it also spotlights his growing ability and heightens anticipation for the coming EP.

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