Palesa Mokubung- the South African Designer with a H&M Collab

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Palesa Mokubung is the South African fashion designer whose name has been on the lips of fashion enthusiasts since the 15th of August release of her collaboration with H&M. The designer has rich history in the the field- studying fashion design and then getting noticed by the owner of Stoned Cherrie, a Johannesburg boutique.

Palesa’s Mantsho line is particularly famous for its use and celebration of African prints and fabric.

Speaking to Bloomberg, she offered some insights.

What she has learnt from dealing with H&M

But the unfolding of the H&M campaign has shown me how far ahead one has to plan for big ventures in their lives. Some things we discussed in January are unfolding right now. I remember the window displays. We were chatting about them in the first meeting with the entire team in Sweden. They presented a couple of options for the windows, and we picked elements from different ones to put together for the final look and feel. I got to see them come alive last week. There is also the element of readiness. I had to be organized and ready—physically, mentally, and otherwise. And when I say ready, I’ve had to have outfits for all the interviews; that has not been easy, even though I’m a fashion designer.

The African Aesthetic

It’s in our fabric, bold prints, and bold shapes. It’s about mixing prints. It’s about being unapologetically large in your presentation. It’s about wearing a three-piece suit with three different prints. It’s an attitude as well. You can wear an all-black kaftan and still feel African.

Recently, on the 15th of August, her dreams of representing Africa in the fashion industry came to pass with the announcement of her collaboration with H&M a well-known  Swedish fashion brand.






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