Papi Tre Links Up With Mojo To Give Us Brand New Single, ‘En Dior’

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Nigerian artist Papi Tre has teamed up with new school Lagosian rapper MOJO to create a proper Afrobeat rap anthem called En Dior. Following the release of his last single Ghetto, this melodious new track exudes the opulence that Papi Tre is trying to project to his audience.

Describing the song as afrobeat luxury rap, En Dior features Papi Tre telling listeners that he is “planting the money like manure”, while MOJO responds by saying “everyday, na my side all these slay mummy dey”, as both artists take turns to display their lyrical styles on the track. 

The artists work well together on the song, as each voice complements the other quite nicely, giving listeners a rap singalong that isn’t just for rap heads alone. If you’re looking for a song to nod your head to or something catchy to dance along to, this might just be a jam for you. 

Give En Dior a listen here:

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