Perto and Kah-Lo are an Energy Charged Tag Team On ‘Bad Maybe Good’

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Since she dazzled us on the Riton assisted Rinse And Repeat, Kah-Lo inadvertently placed herself on our radars of musicians capable of inspiring tropical feelings in any season. This summer she hasn’t disappointed once and from The Knocks assisted Awa Ni, released early last month to the just-released Bad Maybe Good by Perto, her informal title as a summer nightlife proponent is well deserved.

Charged with vibrant synths and heavy bass drums, Kah-Lo utilizes her suave vocals to project her good girl bad girl narrative that’s not only relatable but movement inspiring and as she transitions from soprano to falsetto in a sultry manner, we get thrown into the tropical kaleidoscope that’s Bad Maybe Good, a summer imbued track bound to soundtrack disco controlled nights.

Her performance on Bad Maybe Good is yet another reflection of Kah-Lo’s spicy persona.