Discover Philip Ndukwu The Genre Boundless Artist With A Knack For Distinction

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Philip Ndukwu is a talented artist with a passion for music. He’s not bound by genres, but instead, explores all the creative possibilities and sounds, ranging from jazz to rock, EDM, afrobeat, and everything in between.

Hailing from Nigeria, but currently based in Canada, Philip has managed to combine stunning melodies with infectious grooves, meaning, and authenticity, in order to create an identifiable and relatable persona.

Released off the back of the simmering success of Work which just got treated to a heartfelt video produced and directed by Bed Time Stories for theMedia 360 Company, Philip’s latest, the four-track Black Sheep EP, is a great example of his sonic vision, denoting a huge step forward for the artist whose sound is becoming increasingly more personal and catchy. The hilarious cover artwork referencing Star Wars is fun, but also thought-provoking and speaks directly to the song’s underlying meaning.


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