Phizbarz Ratifies Melanin As A Superpower On Self Produced ‘Choco Milo’

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With more than a decade spent in the industry, honing his craft and climbing up the ladder, Phizbarz’ dynamic and encompassing approach to music which has earned him opportunities to work alongside the likes of Mr Eazi and Deetunes, is top on the list of reasons he’s equipped with the power to resurface and capture our attention as he does today on the self-produced Choco Milo.

Working with an echoing mix of synthesizers, lusty lyrics, and self-confidence, Choco Milo makes for more than the average bedroom experimental Afropop sound and in fact, transforms into one, you can get lost in.

Phizbarz also cashes in on an opportunity to ratify melanin as a superpower, combining this with the heady delivery of captivating lyrics to yield a self-love soundtrack.