PITH Africa Is The Fashion Brand For ‘Woke’ Millennials

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PITH Africa

We can all agree Nigeria is fast becoming a top player in the global fashion industry. Together with the infiltration of Afro-pop in the music industry, we have seen the Nigerian culture influence the world culture by the sounds, images, and styles of our country as highlighted by W Mag in a spread shining the spotlight on Nigerian creative.

For Pith Africa, disrupting the fashion narrative is just as important as creating culturally in-tune wears for young Africans.

Founded by Cosmas Ojemen(creative director), Emeka Anazodo(head of operations), and Adedayo Laketu(artistic director) in early 2017, it’s evident the dual-sex fashion house has a refreshed perspective of our generation, dominated by diverse and consciously aware of millennials.

With an ethos of minimalism amongst great detailing, Pith has released two mini-collections, Dilly 1: A Beginning and Dilly 2: Streetwear.

Their first collection captured the brand identity through the use of a color palette that felt natural in contrast to our melanin skin, and designs minimal to the primitive state of their environment.

Pith Africa

Inspired by indigenous streetwear powerhouses, Modus Vivendii and Waffles n Cream, Pith’s unconventional interpretation of streetwear in their second collection aligns perfectly with the new direction of fashion.

PITH Africa

Worn by Wavythecreator in the “Shaku” video, the pieces from Dilly 2 are bold and eye-catching and a visual representation of the ‘soul of a youthful culture’.

For Pith Africa, their ambitions lie in playing a part in making African fashion a major force in the fashion world – on its own terms.

Watch their fashion films videos below:

Photography Credits: Pith Africa

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