Prettyboy D-O Is A Gang Leader In Dramatic Video For ‘Dem Go Hear Wehhh’

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In a climate where nonconformity is celebrated these days, Prettyboy D-O is a creative’s wet dream. With only one leading single released mid-year, D-O has managed to stay in conversation. Now, with Dem Go Hear Wehhh’s energy fizzling out, he reignites the infectious track with a fiery video, a reflection of his mind and the song’s menacing lyrics.

In the Seyi Akinlade directed video, Prettyboy D-O is cast as a gang leader torn between maintaining a facade with his family and going all out to impress in his gang. Asides from mirroring the track’s narrative, the split personalities reflect his bi-polarity as an artist, one that his fans have grown accustomed to and come to love him for.


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