Preyé Offers A Take On The State Of The World with ‘Man In The Wind’

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Driven and underpinned by power vocals and a raw relatable persona. Nigerian soul train driver, Preyé has always placed herself at the center of relevant conversations. In light of the state of our society today, reflected in the global pandemic, recurring police brutality, racism, and gender-based violence in Nigeria, she lends her silky vocals to a cause not many in her position have taken up in form of the soulful Man In The Wind.

Preyé believes that as recently in the media, everyone has a part to play in highlighting and offering resolutions to these problems. According to her, as an artist, the purest way to express herself and to raise awareness is through music which is the goal she aims to achieve with Man in The Wind. While it is different from her usual sound, it is how she feels at the moment and in a bid to encourage more discussions and keep the conversations going, she invites us on the mind-altering journey that is the song.