Culture Custodian Premiere: Watch RaysMuzik Convey Emotions In Live Performance Of ‘Fenty’

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RaysMuzik is a British Nigerian budding Afrofusion maestro that leans heavily on a sweet intersection of the bubbly and immersive sounds that are the cultural identities of these two cultures rich in music. RaysMuzik relies on the mundanity of life and experiences drawn, for inspiration and through heavy hitters like Young, rich love stories like 8EEN, and My Girl, this has become his opus. His 2021 debut, Fenty, is cast in the same easy and abstract but sturdy manner its predecessors were and in the same original manner the single’s inspiration, a FaceTime call with a friend came, it’s no surprise RaysMuzik opts for a video of a live performance, to relay his message in an even more native way.

Live performances are something special. They bridge the tangible connection gap audios create. While artists thrive on fan love and fans, feed off artists, these live performances leave satisfactory feelings by way of emotions heavily conveyed by the artist’s raw and real performance and the original sounds synthesized by the instruments. RaysMuzik’s live performance of Fenty encapsulates this. Backed by a percussion and string quartet with a sole backup singer, he revamps the melancholy and sweet metaphors of Fenty in this live rendition.

While it’s miles away from a glittery depiction of the story, this live performance relies on RaysMuzik’s ability to channel emotions in a grip that rivals feelings conveyed by an actual video.

In relaying his motive, RaysMuzik says:

“Fenty is a song that was inspired by a Facetime conversation I had with a close female friend. I remember her wearing her makeup as we spoke and she mentioned her Fenty concealer by Rihanna …”

He continues:

“Luckily for me, I went to Sarche’s house on the same day, and he was playing me some instrumentals, and as soon as he played me this instrumental he made with DB, all I could see or think of was this aforementioned phone conversation. I recorded a freestyle of how and what I was feeling, everyone in the studio thought it was dope, then I sent it to my label manager, he told me to finish it off and the rest as they say is history.”

The originality of its inception is what makes this live performance and RaysMuzik’s prospects, special.