Rema sheds teenage heartthrob status in Woman video

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It has been obvious this year that Rema, the freshman artist who rose to prominence last year has sought to shed his teenage heartthrob status. Woman, his most successful release this year helped in part in marking this evolution.

Directed by frequent collaborators, UAX Studios the video for Woman is set up in a sexy setting where women dance along to the song with riveting and enchanting moves. The colorful visuals portray him in the midst of beautiful women while Rema performs his encouraging lyrics, “I too like woman” as the women perform a fascinating choreography in the background. The shot is set in a dark-lit room and shots of dancers to appease the song’s dancefloor intentions, but by far, the most captivating frame is the closing shot which featured a group of beautiful women who are dressed in bright-colored outfits looking directly into the camera.

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