Ric Hassani Spins Don’t Rush Challenge Into Afro-Swing Inspired Single ‘Wave’

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Musicians have gotten so much more creative since the lockdown began. While we’ve seen a myriad of them take to different social media platforms including the burgeoning TikTok to express themselves and promote their brands, we’ve also witnessed others who have somehow managed to monetize their popularity on these platforms. Among these musicians meet content creators is Ric Hassani, whose interpretation of the viral Don’t Rush Challenge, spurns the release of his latest single titled Wave.

The Afroswing inspired single is a fast-paced ode to Ric’s lifestyle spanning his love for women, fashion, his aura, and of course, his opponents. Perhaps a coincidence, the drum-driven single is highly reminiscent of Young T and BUgsey’s Don’t Rush and as with every offering from Ric Hassani, Wave is complete with the makings of different diverse but somehow harmonious sounds resulting in a fine product of experimentation.


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