Riton and Kah-Lo are Touring The World This Summer

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By now, we’ve become inclined to thinking of Riton and Kah-Lo together. With most of Riton’s music since breaking Kah-Lo in 2016 features her, it’s no surprise. Following tracks like Fasta, Betta Ridim, Rinse and Repeat and most recently, Ginger, they shall be taking the world stage together on tour this summer.

As far as tours go, its considerably diverse with shows in North America, Europe and Australia. Conversations on Twitter suggest that while this may be what’s presented, we could also potentially see a show in Lagos which would be a most welcome inclusion.

Until we hopefully get that Lagos announcement, stay locked in, you never know, Riton and Kah-Lo just might be in your city sometime over the next four months.


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