RnB Princess Kick-starts New Journey With An Ode To Lost Love On ‘Be Gone’

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RnB Princess is a Nigerian Indie artist who is as much a storyteller as she is a brilliant singer, with vocals that echo both warmth and a shocking cool through her listeners. Following her recent re-brand and serving as her first official release under the name RnB Princess, she reinvents her sound with the Noiz-produced Be Gone featuring long-time collaborator and rapper, Fuga The Pirate.

Be Gone tells the tale of a romantic situation turned sour from the perspective of the liberated lover who chooses freedom over discomfort. A slight departure from her typical soulful vibe, RnB Princess flaunts her skill in singing and storytelling through her use of repetitions, addictive melodies, and an enthralling hook leaving the exertion of rhythmic energy to Fuga The Pirate who adds a perfect rap interlude to the short bop.

Staying true to the new name, RnB Princess returns to her RnB roots with Be Gone, as she seeks to assert her place in the growing community.


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