Rotimi Returns With Steamy Video For Wale Assisted ‘In My Bed’

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Towards the end of 2019, Rotimi ushered himself out of a busy year with the climactic release of his seven-track EP, The Beauty Of Becoming, a succinct collection of mesmeric sounds aimed at stirring sensual feelings. It’s been close to a year since the project’s release but Rotimi returns this week with the video for the Wale assisted fan favorite, In My Bed, a move that restores the essence of the project and reawakens the intense feelings he sparked in his listeners at first listen.

The steamy video opens with a landscape shot of Rotimi waiting patiently for his lover before he flips the switch with several scenes of himself and his muse getting it on. The Power star is joined by Wale who heightens condensed emotions with a performance that matches Rotimi’s provocative actions.

The Beauty Of Becoming was proof that Rotimi knows his stuff when it comes to drawing out steamy feelings but with this video, he goes further to show us that he’s not only great at crafting fancy words but lives them.


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