Power Star, Rotimi leans on Afro-beat elements on new EP, ‘Walk With Me’

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Rotimi began charting his way to the top way back in 2011 before his Power debut and though he hasn’t gained a cult following like his colleagues in the moody hip-hop and r&b genre, he pushes further almost bi-annually with new releases such as the just released EP, Walk With Me, a near solo compilation of 7 tracks driven by its lead single, Love Riddim.
On the 7-track project, Rotimi relegates his more moody persona to the background and picks up one powered by faster rhythms and complete with the makings of Afro-Pop, a genre the Power star and Empire signee claims he’s really looking into now as he tries to draw strength and influence from his roots in Nigeria.
Introduced by Legend, a sultry mix of near reggae sounds and moody Hip-hop, Walk With Me dabbles into a number of influences as Rotimi assumes a number of characters all driven by love and intense emotions. Prominent of these characters is the lover boy that appears alongside Vanessa Bling on the EP’s final and only track with a feature.
Walk With Me isn’t nearly Rotimi’s best work but it indicates his desire for evolution and how far he’s willing to go to dispense and influence his sound. If anything, it spotlights his larger than life persona, one that’s likely to take him places musically.