Ruger Mirrors Bawdiness In Retro Video For EP Standout ‘Bounce’

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Off his earlier released persona-defining self-titled debut EP, Ruger, Ruger, who is edging towards mainstream, brings the life-encompassing EP to the fore this week with the video for the bawdy Bounce, one of the EP’s standout tracks and now, playlist staple.

For Priorgold Pictures, Ahmed Mosh sits in the directorial chair to help Ruger deliver a video that not only aims to brings his steamy lines to life, but reflects his eccentricity, leveraging his fashion style, mannerisms, and his background by way of pictorial references.

There’s nothing dramatic to the retro video for Bounce, with the exception of Ruger and his muse’s chemistry that conflates the track’s key elements to yield a video just as engaging as the track itself.

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