Ruger Debuts Persona Defining Single Featuring Rema And D’Prince ‘One Shirt’

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Debuts are usually career-defining hits, in different forms. But, for Jonzing World’s Ruger, whose signing was announced earlier this week, a career-defining hit isn’t his pacesetter, but a persona defining one titled One Shirt.

Dipped, stirred, and completely covered in realism, One Shirt, which features labelmate and lead, Rema and D’Prince, is an Afrobeat driven story of Ruger’s come-up much like Iron Man‘s was Rema’s re-introduction.

Like every highly personalized debut, One Shirt is chock-full of relatable words, especially for hustlers finding their way like Ruger. The floor is open to D’Prince to cushion the former’s story with a matching tale. Rema, as usual, brings the zest to the entire affair with his signature inflections and encompassing narrative while Ruger commanders the group with his laudable grip on the original Afrobeat sound.

For a starter, One Shirt is an acceptable offering likely to kickstart Ruger’s journey to mainstream dominance.


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