Ruona Meyers Gains BBC’s Emmy Nomination with ‘Sweet Sweet Codeine’

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Nigerian journalist, Ruona Meyers, Sweet Sweet Codeine documentary has earned the British Broadcasting Company its first Emmy nomination for a program from its Nigeria feed, making it a first nomination for BBC World Service and for Nigeria. The 52-minute long documentary has gained global attention and an Emmy nomination under the News and Current Affairs category, alongside other documentaries from Brazil, Sweden, Qatar, Russia, and The United Kingdom. The documentary explores the rampant usage of codeine among Nigerian youth, how the codeine is illegally accessed and the politics within Nigerian pharmaceutical companies.

The documentary’s impact can be attributed to its depiction of the harmful and irreversible effects of codeine use and addiction.  The thoughtful composition of the visuals, the interplay of the narration and interviews and the music also play a major role in the global impact this documentary is having on youths and adults alike.

Watch the internationally acclaimed documentary below