Sadio Mane Sends 300 Liverpool Jerseys To Hometown Ahead of Champions League Final

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Ahead of the biggest game of his career, Sadio Mane has sent 300 Liverpool jerseys to his hometown, Bambali, Senegal.

Over the past couple of years, we have heard of many Africans dying making attempts to cross from our continent to Europe in the bid to live more fulfilling lives. For many Africans who make it in the West, the desire to do well for those back home keeps them going. We continue to see the greatest inflow of money in some African states to be funds from natives who moved elsewhere. For Sadio Mane, as he plays in the biggest game of his career this weekend, those at home are the driving factor.

The Liverpool forward from Senegal knows how big a deal him playing on that stage is for his family and friends in Bambali and wants them to feel the connection as they battle Real Madrid on Saturday. That explains why he sent back 300 jerseys to the town that has a population of about 2000 people.

The people of Bambali are cheering for Sadio Mane and so are we!

Source: BBC