Santi Taps Nonso Amadi and Bridge for ‘Freaky’

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Santi Taps Nonso Amadi and Bridge for Freaky

There’s a case to be made for sticking with your difference and embracing it. It’s a long process but the rewards often tend to be worth it. For Santi as an artist, it’s been the crux of his rise and the distinction from everything that permeates our radios continues to earn him the respect of listeners and artists alike. With the help of Nonso Amadi and Bridge on Freaky Santi reiterates the idea that he will not conform or move in the direction others frequent.

An offering from his forthcoming EP, Freaky is produced by fellow Monster Boy, Genio and showcases Santi as an artist who will move between genres with most of the music he releases, heavily in part, as a result of the featured acts.


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