Save The Date, Lucid Lemons’ The Lemon Curd Is Back Again

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Save The Date, Lucid Lemons' The Lemon Curd Is Back Again

Lucid Lemons prides itself on being an organisation putting the kids doing great stuff across different art forms in the limelight. Fighting to break the barriers that send kids into creative circles is a big mission that every media outlet who pays attention to millennials works on but that exclusivity is something that is almost only the case with Lucid Lemons. Over the past three years, they’ve made their biggest mark with their annual festival celebrating all things youth artistry tagged The Lemon Curd.

With the painful reminder that you and I are getting old in the theme ’90s Babies Ain’t Babies No More’ the Lemons shall make Muri Okunola the hub of different art forms once again all day on the 4th of August. Without a doubt going to be one of summer’s stand out events, save the date and look out for more information.

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