$B Puts Himself on The Radar with Debut EP Who is $B?!

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$B’s Who Is $B?! is his strategic plot to give us a glimpse of his mind on a soundscape of thumping 808s, electro synths & pads, blended with sonorous engineered vocals complete with dewy ad libs which give off glamorous psychedelic vibes. 

He lets us in with an Intro which begins with a voice note questioning his existence and a latter answer. Knowing what’s to come he says ‘music is a drug’ and he promises to put us in a trance alluding to the intense and psychedelic nature of the sound he maintains throughout the project. 

He pushes us further in to the dopamine influenced part of his mind on the next two tracks where he tells us about the kind of women he likes. “Dark skinned, light skinned, mixed ones too” he sings on Pretty Girls. $B also proves he can be lyrically witty as he tries to get a girl who he claims has ‘no license but drives him crazy’. He moves to more mellow planes complete with low bass beats and soft keys creating a sanctuary for him and his lady love on DIYL. 

Things switch up right in the middle on trap-house heavy Bag where $B gets into his feelings and his bag alongside Ka$h who dishes out few punchlines. Still maintaining the heavy sound which is pushing to an almost ultra sonic plane, $B wows his haters, girls & friends on OMG. 

Moving on to lower planes, $B collaborates with a variety of artistes all packing different sounds that bring about twists and turns as he comes off his high. On Gidi Vibes; an ode to his city, he sings about the better parts of Lagos with lent sounds from Zirra & Solis. $B closes the curtains with Normani; a love song featuring JuwyBaby and Afro pop inspired Drip featuring Sir Tami, the only track off the project complete with afrobeat instrumentals which ends quite abruptly with no further recollective. 


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