SERAP is leading the war against Corruption with No Corruption Day

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Corruption is embedded deep into the fiber of the Nigerian experience and non-profit organization SERAP (the Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project) is creating a campaign to highlight this and offer a call to action. On the 17th of July, a day its tagging #NoCorruptionDay the likes of MI Abaga, Alex Ekubo, Osas Igodaro, Lillian Esoro, Jeff Bankz and more will use their platforms to share the message and initiate a process of mindset reorientation.

This is an offshoot of SERAP’s2019 survey to assess and highlight key behavioral and belief patterns about corruption across Nigeria. The survey culminated in the Anti-CorruptionSocial Norms Report.The report found that 40%of respondents do not believe in the possibility of successfully ending corruption in Nigeria while 43.3 % do not believe they have a role to play in the change. 71% of research respondents were found to depend on the internet and Social media to reset social norms and get information so naturally, these media became the avenues to prioritize to help policymakers and anti-corruption agencies effectively reach Nigerians. 

#NOCORRUPTIONDAY would be the final lap of a sensitization journey. The journey will involve a quiz that highlights the role individuals play in perpetuating corruption, a tick-off list of corrupt practices we may unconsciously engage in daily & a breakdown of relevant aspects of the report that could reshape the thinking of the average Nigerian.

The 24-hour #NoCorruptionDay challenge encourages people to commit to avoiding at least five (5) corrupt things they normally do and as such attempt to alter the corruption narrative across the board.

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