Sex Diaries Vol.2: Meet the 28 Year Old Lawyer Trying to end things with his Girlfriend of 4 years

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Meet John, a 28-year-old finance lawyer who is trying to end things with his girlfriend of 4 years. He takes us through the emotionally tumultuous breakup process. 


Day 1

I can’t remember what was said on the radio but it reminded me of when I was single and free. I won’t be here thinking of how to tell her I have lost interest. Instead of asking her to spend the rest of her life with me, I’m going to ask her to stay away. I doubt if she’s going to forgive me but it needs to be done. I need to get home in time for the match but before I do so I’ll stop by the men’s cave to see the boys. I’m sure they are up to no good. It’s the weekend of Tayo’s wedding to Dami. He loves her and he’s so sure. I love to see it. The men’s cave looks dull so I’m guessing people aren’t back from work or something. Or maybe niggas are just loved up these days. I see Funsho and Tosin in the corner already drinking. I spend a little time with them before they start ranting about their side chicks. We start drinking and debate on the rise of bitcoin and Etherum. I think it is a good investment but invest money they aren’t ready to lose, one mustn’t do. I leave at 8 pm because there’s a night out planned for Tayo’s bachelor night tomorrow and I’d like to be well-rested.


Day 2

Wedding bells are ringing. People are happy but I wish I could pretend to share in the happiness. Lola has been texting me about work and the new lingerie she got and I’m guessing she wants to wear it this weekend which is going to make fucking and breaking up with her a little hard but I’ll find a way. Her titties are so succulent that I get a boner every time I imagine them in my mouth. Voila! I currently have one. She’s so sexy but I still don’t see myself spending the rest of my life with her. It’s not like I can point to anyone reason but I’m just not feeling it.

I leave the office and head straight to my tailor’s to try on my trad for the wedding. There’s a lady on the radio giving advice on 10 ways to know you’re with your soul mate and I think it’s bullshit because all the boxes ticked for me and here I am preparing to end things. The trad looks fab on me and I’m sure I’ll catch a few people’s eyes which is my aim. I want to get as many numbers as possible. 

I get home just at the same time Lola pulls up. We hug and start kissing, I grab her butt and I can feel everything. She’s not wearing any underwear and the fabric of her dress is so cold against my fingers that they bring shivers to my spine. I stop myself and ask that we go in. We hurriedly walk in and I carry her up to my kitchen counter and kiss the back of her neck slowly. I move to the front to slowly suck her nipples and play with them giving each breast TLC. She moans softly and lets out muffled laughter as I make my way down to her vagina which is all wet and moist. Her legs are already spread and I can feel her juice running down to my elbow and her soft moans as I feel and touch her. She brings my finger to her mouth and sucks it then proceeds to lick everything off. I’m eating her out and she tastes so good. I bury my face in- her whiff is so strong I’m down on my knees and trying to take it all in. 

She gets on her knees and proceeds to choke and spit on my penis. Every time she takes her mouth off, I draw her back ‘cos it feels like an electric current was passing through. She continues to choke and go faster until I cum. I do so in her mouth and all over her face. She swallows and that makes me happy. I flip her over and proceeds to fuck her brains out. We go more than twice before we fall asleep.


Day 3

It’s Tayo’s wedding and I wake up ready for the day to be over already. I rush into the shower and remember that I should have been out last night with the boys but I stayed home and fucked Lola silly, which in my own opinion is much better. Lola walks in and says good morning as she says her morning prayers. I get out of the shower and dress up to go and meet the guys.

Lola only shows up to the reception because she had to do lady things. I’m silently waiting for the games and trivia they play at these weddings. Lola and I start dancing and we don’t stop. I enjoy every moment with her and I can’t seem to understand why I need to end it. There’s an after-party slated for later and I’d met some beautiful ladies on my way to the restroom who was going to come out when it was time for the after-party and I was looking to score a few of them.

My phone abruptly rings and it’s my sister Naomi. I go outside so I can hear properly. She tells me Lola called her and she was sure something was wrong. I ask her for exact details and all she could say was she could feel something wasn’t right between us. I stay on the phone taking breathing breaks. I abruptly end the call and promised to call her back. My first instinct is to look for Lola and demand an explanation but I’ll wait till we get home.

Everything ends and indeed it’s beautiful to see people in love and happy but now I must face my own. I dread the ride home. Lola is chatting away to her two friends who live far away and had asked to stay the night. 

I’m glad we will have company and maybe I’ll be able to sleep well and face this later. 

Day 4 

It’s normally a tranquil day for me but today I woke up with my head buzzing and I’m sure it’s because Lola was still here, and I finally needed to have the conversation with her. I’m watching her sleep and countless times I contemplate waking her up but can’t bring myself into it. I’m trying to figure out why I want her gone and why I feel the need to end the relationship, it occurred to me that I had actually never been single and lived life. When I mean I had actually never been single I meant there was a timeline. All through uni I had dated Faith and I was only single for 3 months before I met Lola and decided to date her. They say after dating for so long you’re either heading towards marriage or the hills. Well, I have chosen this particular heel of leaving this relationship because been it isn’t pleasing me. Lola is awake. I’m trying to make small talk while she is preparing to go to her house. She keeps on talking until I zone out ”Arsenal had better win or I’ll have to choose a new club”. 

Lola asks “Is this the end of the road for us?” I can’t say I’m stunned by the question but I half expected it. I nodded. She sits for a while like she’s thinking of what to do next while I stare at the floor unable to speak either. I suddenly had the bright idea to leave. As I walk towards the door I hear a loud cry. 


Day 5 

I couldn’t go home last night.  What if Lola was still at mine?  Funsho’s couch felt very uncomfortable but I didn’t have to leave. As I drove in. I meet Lola packing things into her car. I tried to talk to her but she blanks me. It’s not long before she’s done packing and she gets in her car and drives off leaving me to watch her car fade. I wasn’t sure how I felt because I wanted this. I wanted to be free. Why does it feel empty? Why does it hurt too?  

This article is based on real-life events. Names used are mere pseudonyms to protect the identities of the individuals mentioned in the article.

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