Sex Diaries Vol. 22: How A Friendly Visit Turned Steamy In No Time

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Bored out of her mind, Hannah goes along with Natasha to see a friend, the quick visit leads to a lot more than she bargained for. In this week’s sex diaries, Hannah narrates how it all went down.



I had spent the last five hours laying in bed, flipping through the many channels on Natasha’s TV yet I couldn’t find anything that interested me. Tired, I grabbed my phone from the floor and checked the time, it was a few minutes past 4pm. I sighed dramatically and got up as I unplugged my charger from the extension. 

“Where you dey go?” Natasha asked, finally glancing up from her laptop screen. “I’m leaving, I need to pick up something for my dad by seven,” I responded. 

“It’s just 4pm, there’s still time,” Natasha paused briefly. “Lets go and see my friend, we won’t stay long,” she said, standing up quickly. I had nothing to do at home till 7pm and I was in the mood to make new friends. 

“Which friend? Where?” I asked her, even though I really didn’t need convincing. “Chima, he lives in Jabi.” I shrugged and fell back on the bed while Natasha got dressed. She was almost done when I ordered a ride as she recited the address and the cab arrived in no time. 

Once we got to the door of Chima’s house, I’m welcomed by the smell of plantain frying in the kitchen as I caught a whiff of spicy stew. “Omo, this your Chima friend is a chef o!” Natasha glanced at me and shook her head. “Chima cannot cook, it’s his friend Zion, come let’s go and meet him,” she said. 

As soon as we entered the kitchen, I was completely captivated by the sight in front of me. Zion stood shirtless, his grey joggers hung loosely on his waist as he stirred the bubbling pot that sat gingerly on the gas burner. He nodded his head to whatever he was listening to on his AirPods and didn’t even notice us there. Natasha walked up to him and poked him in the ribs, he jumped, startled, and spilled stew on the floor as he dropped the spoon. “Natasha!,” he screamed. His voice was deep and silky and I stood there transfixed as Natasha laughed at her prank. He noticed me in the doorway and came to introduce himself. “Hi, I’m Zion, I hope you’re not as stressful as Natasha. What’s your name?” 

I started to respond but my voice caught in my throat as I stared at him, this man was hot. His hair was a full afro pulled back from his face with a silk hair tie and as he waited for me to respond, he patted it lightly. I shook my head quickly and regained my composure. “My name is Hannah, nice to meet you, Zion.” We both stood there, staring at each other for the next few seconds, till – “What are you doing tomorrow Hannah?” Zion stared straight at me and it felt like he could see my soul with those eyes. “Nothing,” I squeaked in response. “We should hang out,” he replied. 


The First Date

I arrived at the address Zion texted me with several alarm bells ringing in my head. I had just met him yesterday, what if he was a serial killer? Or an armed robber? I calmed myself down and walked into the park, texting him to say I had arrived. Immediately, he appeared in front of me and I stood there going over him. He wore a t-shirt that looked a size too small and I could see the outline of his body through the thin fabric. He followed my eyes and gently reached for my hand, placing it against his tight stomach. I ran my hand across his stomach, up to his chest, then back down again, he closed his eyes and failed to stifle the moan that escaped his lips. Slowly, he leaned towards me to whisper in my ear, “I’m going to fuck you Hannah.” 

The First Time

Finally, it was happening. After a week of hanging out, Zion and I were finally going to seal the deal. I spent the entire day lazing around and not doing any major work so that I would have enough energy to match whatever Zion brought. I couldn’t focus on anything, I kept checking the time and waiting for 5pm. Once it was four o’clock, I got dressed and began pacing the house. At 4:45, I ordered the ride and I was there six minutes before 5pm. “Someone couldn’t wait,” Zion remarked as he opened the door to Chima’s house. I came in quickly, feeling a little shy. He led me upstairs to his room and shut the door behind him, locking it twice. Immediately, he took off his shirt and said, “pick a safe word.” I mumbled something as he walked towards me and picked me off the floor, tossing me on the bed. “Pick a safe word,” his tone was harder. “Blue,” I gasped. “Blue,” he repeated after me. I nodded as he began to grin.

“Good girl, now get on your knees and worship me.”

He dropped his pants to the ground and began stroking himself slowly, maintaining eye contact. I got on my knees per his command and filled my mouth with him, slurping and sucking as he cried out in pleasure. “Oh God, Hannah!” He held my head down, pushing himself deeper into my throat as I gagged, working hard to take all of him. 

Suddenly, he pushed me away and picked me up, flipping me onto the bed. Immediately a belt appears and he skilfully binds my hands behind my back, this is clearly not his first time. He turned me on my back and held my legs apart, kissing my neck and trailing down to my belly button. He circled it with his tongue and bit me gently as I moaned, then he started to eat me out. I’m barely there when he comes up for air, it feels like he has eaten my soul and I’m struggling to stay still. “Are you ready for me?” he smiled as he asked. I managed to respond as he turned me around and bent me doggy style. “Remember your safe word?” he paused to confirm. I nodded my head and immediately he slid inside me, gripping my waist hard. 

He started to thrust, slowly at first, then he picked up the pace and began spanking me with each thrust. He pulled the belt that bound my hands, lifting my body as he wrapped his hand around my neck. “Hannah I’m going to cum,” he groaned loudly. Immediately, goosebumps spread across my skin as I felt the familiar jolt of an orgasm coming. “Don’t you dare!” I screamed at him, as I arched my back and took it all. I shook as I came, collapsing on the bed as he pushed me away, and came all over the sheets. He knelt on the bed beside me, panting as he stared at me. “What?” I asked him. “Are you hungry?” he asked me, grinning. “Yes Zion, yes I am!”