Sex Diaries Vol. 23: A Playground Photoshoot Turns Into Mind-blowing Sex 

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Meet Joshua, a 20-year-old UK-based student and player in the American football team at the university. Fresh from a breakup, he finds himself modelling for his friend’s art project at a playground in South London which unexpectedly leads to great sex. He shares his story in today’s Sex Diaries entry:

Origin story

My girlfriend broke up with me a couple of weeks ago and since then, I had not been myself. On this fateful day, I am bored and out of my mind so I turn to Facebook where I see a familiar face. She looks like my classmate Anita so I add her. She follows me which isn’t surprising since I am quite good-looking if I might say so myself. A few days later, I hit up Anita and we get talking. She confirms my suspicions that we know each other. The next day, we hang out at the school’s cafeteria after class. While spending time together, we realize that we like each other’s vibe and we have a lot in common. We quickly decide to stay in touch.


Three weeks later, I get a text from Anita telling me she urgently needs a model for a photoshoot for her art project based on athletics and Greek mythology. She knows I play American football so I fit the description. I agree to show up and we decide to meet at a playground in South London. The session lasts for about an hour. During the session, I notice that we flirt a lot but I don’t read much into it since I am just out of a serious relationship. We finish taking the pictures then we head to her car where she brings out a picnic bag and a blanket so we can have lunch. We go back to our spot, lay the blanket on the grass and sit down to eat. With the romantic scenery around, we eat and talk about various things including my recent relationship and her old fling. She starts tearing up as she reminisces. I draw closer to hug and console her. She eventually stops crying. I wipe her tears and gently kiss her cheek. She looks at me and leans in for a long, proper kiss. The kiss starts slowly and gathers momentum as we tilt downwards onto the blanket. Things get intense as she gets on top, takes off her shirt and bra and starts stroking my dick which turns me on even more. We take a quick break so I can whip off my top and she resumes kissing, sucking and playing with my nipples. By this point, I am moaning loudly. Before I know it, she pulls down my pants, pulls out my dick and takes it in her mouth. She starts off slowly. Her mouth feels warm and wet. It’s probably one of the best sloppy heads I have gotten in my life. The next thing I know, she gives me a deep throat that has me screaming. We move to the bench beside us; where she brings a condom out of nowhere, puts it on my hard dick, lifts her dress, pulls her panties to the side and puts my dick in her pussy. For a second, I wonder if she planned all of this before I lose my ability to think as she rides me slowly. I hold on to her titties for dear life, sucking and fondling them. I can see that she is loving it because she is moaning like crazy. Our moaning gets intense as she picks up the pace and bounces on my dick. I lift her, put her on her knees on the bench and fuck her from behind. She spreads her legs for me as I slowly thrust my dick in her pussy from behind. She is so wet which drives me crazy. I slowly increase the pace until she complains that the bench was hurting her knees. We switch positions as I pick her up and carry her to the swing. I place her on the swing, spread her legs and resume fucking her brains out. She is moaning louder and I am getting turned on by her moans. By this point, she is saying, ‘don’t stop’ which lets me know she is about to cum, so I continue in the same motion hoping we cum at the same time. Well, it didn’t go as planned as she ends up cumming before me but it’s still a great time. It goes down in my books as one of my best sexual experiences ever. 

*This article is based on real-life events. The names used are mere pseudonyms to protect the identities of the individuals mentioned in the article.

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