SGaWD Is Gunning For Hip-Hop Royalty And She Stakes Her Claim With ‘POPSHIT’

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SGaWD is undeniably championing the girl power movement in the industry these days with her barrage of lyrics that speak to her fieriness and readiness to redefine Hip-hop, not just for women, but for everyone else in Nigeria. In the past few months, she has given us no reason to doubt her with a slew of performances ranging from her feature on Suté Iwar’s U to the just-released Aux Africa-powered three-pack, Phobia, all of which have upped her credibility in every relevant space. Continuing down the line, she taps one-time collaborator, the sultry-voiced Somadina, on her latest, POPSHIT.

SGaWD’s titles are always eponymous and largely self-explanatory, but nothing prepares listeners for the immersive experience that is POPSHIT. From the very first lick of atmospheric synths produced by Trill XOE to the sensual whispers that follow and the eventual kick a combination of her manifestation “I can’t wait to pop shit” and the bass drop, creates, SGaWD delivers a narrative and performance that matches her words to a T.

The rapper minces no words on POPSHIT, unlike her male counterparts famous for alluding to the unrealistic in their songs. She is “bad as fuck with no remorse” and she “makes my own decisions like a cool religion”. Summarily, the industry is not ready for a rapper with guts and a discography to truly match her audacity like SGaWD.

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