Aux Africa Blazes A fiery Trail Back Powered By sGawD On ‘Phobia’

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Cool FM’s Aux Africa, a media company that has hosted the likes of Fireboy DML and Tems, in their prime, is characterized by its live performance approach to sharing music, is described in summary, as “a melting pot for emerging rhythm and sound from Africa …“. This description, perfectly encapsulates the niche rapper and singer, sGawD, falls under, one in which she has blossomed by way of singles like Feel Right, a single that maximized the potential of her sultry vocals and audacious persona. Aux Africa blazes a fiery trail back this month with sGawD at the frontlines, menacing and self-assured on a three-part single titled Phobia.

Phobia, introduced by Whorephobia is a snippet of sGawD’s experience in the industry so far and her reaction to the lifestyle she’s been afforded by being a Hip-hop force on the rise. She minces no words but aims directly at her targets in a dense tone that speaks to her laudable vocal range.

That’s My MO, is a mellow take on toxic relationships. Based on her silky articulation over the tempered keys she rides with the lushness of her vocals, sGawD’s MO is really nothing more than the audacity already evident in the cheery persona we’ve grown accoustomed to on the internet and in her music.

Aux Africa recognizes the stuff sGawD is made of and her performance is a celebration and articulation of this.