SGawD Goes Back To Basics In Heartwarming Video For ‘Feel Right’

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Rapper and singer SGaWD whose alluring and austere approach to her music gives music in this side of the world an appealing outlook grew up in the beach town of Ibeno in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria, where the ocean is in proximity to her childhood home. This beach has faithfully served as the backdrop of many family gatherings and sun-filled days with friends, a place to make beautiful memories with the people she loves, it’s only fitting that it morphs into the focal point in the video for the earlier released, Feel Right. It captures nostalgic elements from her childhood while telling a tender love story viewers can enjoy.

Feel Right was written based on a real relationship and SGaWD invokes the emotion into her singing over DOZ’s gentle, jazz-tinged instrumental. The video is the directorial debut of Jola Adeboye, a multidisciplinary artist and videographer known for capturing intimate moments within Lagos’s chaotic nightlife.

The music and video complement one another, as they both touch on SGawD’s vulnerability in her relationship. A key element, nostalgia is found in form of locations, particularly the movie rental center, where the couple first spot each other. This scene is another callback to SGaWD’s childhood and a component of the video meant to awaken positive memories for viewers. The video brings this story to life while giving her fanbase a more personal look into her background and inspirations.

Photo credit: YouTube

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