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A significant breakthrough has been made in the fight against HIV/AIDS in newborn babies. Building from research last year which suggested that a child infected with the HIV virus was cured after aggressive treatment post birth, another case has been recorded in a child from Long Beach, California. At an AIDS conference in the US city of Boston, the case was detailed with suggestions that there were five more examples in Canada and three in South Africa which go some way in proving the first case was not a one off.

This is another jigsaw to the puzzle that suggests a positive upturn in the HIV/AIDS battle:

Scientists have found that injections of long lasting AIDS drugs fended off the virus in monkeys. 

The possibility of genetic alteration to make humans resistant to the virus. 

The first child, now 3, famously known in medical research circles as the ‘Mississippi Baby’ is still free of the virus whilst the second child, 9 months old is also still free of the virus.

Source: New York Times.