Simi Is Well Versed In The Language Of Love On Comeback EP ‘Restless II’

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Since she stepped onto the scene, Simi has been speaking the language of love. It’s been more than a decade of projecting it in its different forms, agape, philia, Eros and pragma, and seeing as she’s gone through a refining process this past year, honing her skills as an artist, sound engineer, and songwriter, she lands this month on a perfect intersection of every kind of love on Restless II, a six-track EP that bubbles with feelings and ensnares its listeners by way of relatable stories and a cozy ambiance.

Opening with the earlier released No Longer Beneficial, a song about a situation-ship in which Simi has the upper hand, she ticks off her knowledge of Eros, the type of love that’s hinged on passion although in this case, fizzled out passion. She’s unbound in the relationship and her freedom is palpable in her words and the attitude she puts up. It is this boundlessness that serves as the foundation of the range Simi glides over from start to finish. The next track, more upbeat in sound and with room for alliance; by way of Ms Bank’s feature, sees Simi veer off course in sound and style. She sings about agape love and also shows off her engineering dexterity over Oscar’s sprightly mix of percussions.

This isn’t Simi’s first rodeo with a love-centered project. In 2016, she teamed up with Falz on their controversial collaborative effort, Chemistry, once a go-to for love songs but now a performance metric. While the seven-track project does set the standard for her, Restless is more personal in sound and contribution and thus, possesses more intricate features that allow it to trump Chemistry.

There’s a song for almost every type of love on Restless. The Wurld assisted Triggered depicts and inspires the badassery needed to take on and take down fruitless love. Same as Undeserving. The final track, Bite The Dust, is the perfect closer that spells hope after battles fought in chaotic relationships. The feeling of freedom inspired by Adekunle Gold’s falsetto transition pushes the song’s idiomatic title while Simi’s harmonies make for the perfect serenade needed to guide one on a journey like that. She did begin talking about her desire to move on and on Bite The Dust, she finally does.

Restless II might be considered a stopgap by some, a succinct description of love in every form by others but it also serves as Simi’s reintroduction to the world as a versatile artist whose journey as an all-rounder has just begun.