Larry Gaaga And Tomi Thomas Join Sjxy On His Bass Heavy Latest ‘So Long’

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Sjxy is a versatile rapper, singer, and songwriter, fusing rap, afrobeat, and drill into one unique sound, a product of ties to two different continents rich in individualistic sounds. He prides himself on using life experiences to tell stories and entice listeners, by extension. Sjxy’s music portrays the depth of his character, his admiration for the finer things of life, with reference to its realities too. His latest, So Long, finds him scaling and combining these impressive self-appraised features to result in a bass-heavy fusion featuring Tomi Thomas and Larry Gaaga.

Steeped in the trio’s individualism, with Sjxy’s at the fore, So Long finds them crossing paths powered by their unique vocals and delivery styles, to yield an intoxicating hybrid that endures the single’s unique sounds, from Afropop to Hip-hop.

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