Skaa And Buju Make Their Way Back To Each Other In Video For ‘Right Back’

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With a number of hits to his name, up-comer, Skaa proved his worthiness early last month on the Buju-assisted Right Back, on which he stood tall and flexed his lyrical muscles. It’s been more than a month since the sizzling single’s remix and it appears Skaa is letting down. He in fact reinforces his presence and grit today in the video for the fan-favorite single which again, casts Buju as co-protagonist.

The duo split their time and energy between two locations, one with Skaa and his muse leveraging the vastness of the outdoors and the other with Buju in a hazy room with colorful neon lights giving life with bouts of salaciousness to their suggestive lyrics.

Skaa means business and this video equates to a signed and sealed contract of development.

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