Buju Joins Skaa On Infectious Hip-hop Hybrid ‘Right Back’

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Nigerian rappers are accustomed to original rap techniques with the growing acceptance of the Hip hop category. This shift has caused an influx of rappers, old and new to the music scene and with this influx, a range of witty and well-thought-out rhymes are now at our disposal and to our pleasure. With a slew of hits under his belt, up-comer, Skaa is headed to his top with his pace and passion as propellants and on his latest, Right Back, he cozies up in his bag, using the opportunity to gun for mainstream recognition with a Buju feature.

In 2019, Skaa told The Statesman that his beginnings were rife with music driven by lyrical and sound dexterity, now although his words on Right Back draw life from The Cratez’s bouncy synth-pop powered instrumentals and Buju’s infectious inflections, his talent is strong enough to push his individuality.

Right Back is a welcome break from the norm that packs the punch of new millennial Hip-hop and moody RnB hybrid hits.