Solis Dazzles On Mesmeric Live Performance Of ‘Angel + I Love You’

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The whispery nature of Solis’s artistry is steeped in her unwavering ability to deliver eclectic performances that create ambiances as tranquil as her singles. We witness this in a live setting where she delivers cinematic content suitable for the times.

Animatedly, Solis begins the two-part performance with the silky outpour of Angel, velvety, compelling, and serene in multiple ways reminiscent of all her singles. Despite its emotive nature and the vulnerable persona she leads with, Solis’ confidence shines through in her sturdy delivery and even more rich vocals.

The second track, I Love You is an unreleased version of a lockdown inspired introspective session. Over textured pianos, an outpour of sublime emotions fuses with and in the same vein creates a fog of lightweight feelings, eventually crystallizing into the world’s most famous sentence ‘I love you’.

Emotionally and sonically, Solis is exciting and with Angel + I Love You, she inspires fuzzy feels, signature to her brand, and necessary for these times.

Photo Credit: @rubyokoro


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