Somadina And SGawD Are Femme Fatales On ‘Kno Me’

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Nigeria’s new crop of soul train drivers, mostly women equipped with vocals that sway, have mastered the art of delivering immersively. Time and again, they have proven to have this ability on lockdown and with a five-track debut EP that casts a light on her deft storytelling abilities, a stunning contribution to Lady Donli’s 2019 standout, Flava and her just-released Trap Soul hybrid, Kno Me, Somadina proves she’s one of Nigeria’s soul leading ladies.

A Femme Fatale radiating dominant energy, Somadina is joined by SGawD, whose silky articulation of punchlines is the perfect complement to Somadina’s confidence driven manifesto. Somadina’s space, time, and goals are protected and coveted and she doesn’t fail to let us know her desire for money and success trumps any person or thing that opposes the realization of these goals. She works Trill XOE’s 808s and synth-driven instrumental to deliver her mood inspiring manifesto.

Her first and possibly last single of 2020, Kno Me, is an apt comeback that allows Somadina to exercise power and authority in a way that helps her reclaim her relevance in the industry and personally.