Watch The Abstract And Satirical Video For Straffitti’s ‘Straff From Nigeria’

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Straffitti’s lack of restraint when it comes to music interpretation, audio and visual is the major reason why he’s something special in the budding hip hop scene. Marrying his quirky means to an impeccable flow and a great command of punchlines has fostered a dotting community of fans for the young MC and riding on this energy, he shares the video for upcoming album titular, Straff From Nigeria.

With help from Bidemi Popson, Straffitti offers an abstract, hallucinogenic representation of his expansive mind, blending the depth of his subconscious with reality to paint a picture of a very busy life punctuated by a number of his dreams, he raps about.

The video is a satirical exposé of the fragments of Straffitti’s imagination which makes him relevant.

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