SuperSmashBroz Pack A Punch on New Album ‘Loved Ones’

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Muyi Fresco and Nasa Nomz of the SuperSmashBroz

Boston-based DJ and Producer duo, SuperSmashBroz have released their fourth body of work, Loved Ones with features from Azanti, WANI, Prettyboydo, Tobes44, Ria Sean, Xenia Manasseh, Dwillsharmony, INFAMOUSIZAK, Lily Rayne, TeaMarr, NESTA, Novemba, Carla Prata and BenjiFlow.

The exciting project takes listeners on an emotion-laden journey exploring everything from love and heartbreak to grief in the most mesmerizing fashion possible packing a punch that comes in the form of infectious melodies, soulful vocals, and pulsating basslines and introducing you to some new artists in the process.

As you experience the project, it is telling that the concept of fusion is one that’s important to the brothers as they meticulously blend elements of dancehall, Afropop, R&B, hip hop, and highlife to create their unique sound and ultimately an impressive body of work.

New to SuperSmashBroz and unsure where to start, Day After Day (featuring WANI and Xenia Manasseh), Go Dumb(featuring Tobes44), No Be Mistake/Bella (featuring Prettyboy D-O), Likkle Prayer (featuring NESTA) and Seek & Find (featuring Azanti) are some of the standouts off the 12-track project.

Listen to the full project below.