Susty Vibes seeks to engage on the SDGs

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SustyVibes is an organisation which has sought to influence the perception and conceptualisation of Sustainability in Africa especially amongst Youths via innovative features and projects like the Susty Parties – where she hosted a gathering with over 60 youths to discuss major sustainability issues over movies, food and games. The ultimate goal being to get young people to talk about the SDGs and what our roles as individuals and professionals are towards ensuring that we achieve them.

The theme of the 2018 Lagos Susty Party being WOMEN AND THE ENVIRONMENT in collaboration with our Street Dreams Project. The Street Dreams Project was initiated about a year ago in which SustyVibes with support from partners and facilitators, took to training 10 girls from Port Harcourt to become photojournalists. The goal was to give them tools to document the effect of oil spills and environmental erosion on the woman around them and their environment. The first cohort of this project will be showing and selling their work at the African Artists’ Foundation between 12am – 7pm on the 8th of December, after a year of training. The Investment fee is the grand sum of 1,000 Naira. 


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