Bounce And Mystery Are The Core Of Suté Iwar’s Latest, ‘Fantastic!’

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Suté Iwar is never afraid to foray into unconventional sonic dimensions, perhaps a thing of his diverse affiliations, passion for good music, or inquisitive mind but with him, nothing is ever the same except the consistency in his delivery. Iwar’s latest, Fantastic! finds him emoting over electric synths that echo the state of his mind and the theme of his narrative. Fantastic! is different in a way that screams experimentalism and thirst for perfection, at the point where he begins his soft rap, these two meet even as the heady vibes possess his listeners.

Iwar has the production reins on Fantastic! and this need for control is reflective of the state of the relationship he bemoans. The single co-produced by Terna Iwar is also cryptic just like the fusion of EDM-inspired synths and solely responsible for this is Iwar’s use of metaphors from start to finish. While its meaning is not lost on his listeners, it’s quite easy to forego immersion in his lyricism for instrumental appreciation.

Despite its cryptic nature, Fantastic! is easy, sweeping music one can get lost in, a typical Suté Iwar offering.