Suté Iwar And Tay Iwar Inspire Nostalgia On Album Precursor ‘Swayy’

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Suté Iwar has been paving a groovy, funky, and rhythmic path to his upcoming album, 199x since the release of Fantastic! He doubles down on laudable effort with a collaboration with Tay Iwar on Swayy, an uptempo single that throws us back to their early days on debut EPs, Suté’s Visions, and Tay’s Passport.

Swayy is an easy collaboration as the brothers appear to be familiar with their niches. They milk this knowledge, along with their synergy and penchant for rhythmic Pop. Tay opens the track with a smooth line that alludes to his stance on his passion, a breathy overlay that coats Sute’s smooth raps with the honeyed glaze that heightens the sensation produced by their harmony.

Swayy is a groovy sonic symbol of Suté’s consistency and his commendable attitude towards his upcoming album, slated for a late May release.

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