Suté Iwar Releases Video For ‘Alright, Ok’

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Rapper, singer, song-writer, and producer Suté Iwar has released the music video for his new single titled Alright, Ok. This follows the release of his critically acclaimed album 199X in 2021.

Suté Iwar, who has a deep knowledge and passion for music has developed a distinct sound that stands out in his music. Suté, who began making music at 15 has mastered his style, boasting a superb genre fluidity that he ascribes to having a wide range of influences.

Alright, Ok, his first release under the London and Johannesburg-based label Outer South, leads an afro-fusion direction. Suté combines typical African music elements with an R&B, soul, and a lo-fi vibe that creates a relaxing, nostalgic effect.

Alright, Ok follows the story of two people in love who still need to overcome the challenges they face. Alright, Ok features themes of uncertainty and reassurance, making it relatable and not so far-fetched. On this track, Suté’s personality shines through with adlibs and bits of the instrumental you can only catch if you listen between the lines.

The newly released video, entirely shot in black and white, features Suté and two others. In the video, Suté flashes words from the lyrics written on placards, creating intrigue and interest, and making it easy to follow.

Enjoy the video below!

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