Suté Iwar Teams Up With AYLØ For ‘Real Love (Remix)’ And ‘Teary Eyes’

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Feels dealer, Suté Iwar has a music manifold planned for 2020 but right in the heat of the moment, as musicians struggle to remain relevant in this worrisome era, he puts his best foot forward on a loose but impactful double drop, Teary Eyes, and Real Love Remix both of which feature long time collaborator, AYLØ.

From the echoing percussions on the self-produced Teary Eyes to the stripped bass on Real Love Remix, the synergetic duo offer a diverse range of sounds and emotions in one fell swoop.

An instant hit, Teary Eyes features more emoting from the duo as they mold feelings, a whispery delivery and the corniest of words into a lush package, while Real Love (Remix) borders on nostalgia.

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