Tau Benah’s GGY Vol. 1 Was A Long Time Coming But Worth The Wait

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Many fans have questioned Tau Benah’s choice to go with the Creative Elevation wing when CEDRB split into two collectives because they felt his place was in Nigeria’s Afrobeat scene. It is worth remembering that musically, Davido and Tau Benah were contemporaries with history together.  Since then, Tau Benah has vanished for long periods and come around every now and then to remind everyone he exists with golden releases. His album, GGY Vol. 1 has been tagged everything from a September Miracle to perfection and with this full-length piece of work, his choice to go the CE route can be appreciated more seeing as releasing this sort of music in the Nigerian market would have been marred by the constant obsession with blowing, despite the fact that creating commercial music was as far from the intention as could possibly be.

While the norm is that all the music we receive remains exclusive to one body of work, Tau Benah shows he writes his own rules as he includes tracks like Leftovers, Jayler and We Found Love previously featured on his Rehearsals EP from last year. Additionally, we get the complete version of Reasons featuring Davido and Zinzilé after we received a snippet two years ago.

One of the more pronounced themes on the project is love and on tracks like Leftovers, Dark Knight and Down we see Tau Benah bare his heart as he sings about a love interest.

Get a glass of wine and allow the vibes wash over you.

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